The Spoonbill Generator

Cardinal In Error

A pepperoni sandwich from the Pope [Apsley]

Regrettably mistaken for a bomb [loaf]

Caused havoc all around St Peter's Square [Beefy ]

The sound of flapping cassocks everywhere [Grayman]

Instilled a sense of fear where once was hope [Beefy ]

(It seems the Cardinal shouted for his Mom) [Karin]

The pontiff quelled the crowds with tracts of verse [Apsley]

Regrettably mistaken for abuse [loaf]

Resulting in a minor insurrection [Grayman]

Before the Swiss Guards issued a correction [Beefy ]

The situation went from bad to worse [Grayman]

When nobody could offer an excuse [Beefy ]

The pepperoni-seller went to ground [Apsley]

Although his head, protruding from the hole [loaf]

That Brunelleschi made, was still unseen [Apsley]

The language there was anything but clean [Beefy ]

And did the ears of many a nun astound [Apsley]

But nothing could upset the Holy Pole [Beefy ]

The Holy Pole is so serene! [Apsley]

A pity he's so seldom seen [Beefy ]

Contributors: Apsley, loaf, Beefy, Grayman, Karin.
Poem finished: 25th March 2004 by Anon..