The Spoonbill Generator

Before Cows Were Chic

They say you're no good [Karin]

But we always defend you [F]

For some odd reason [Karin]

They say you're a hood [Beefy ]

Up the river they'd send you [Karin]

In any season [F]

They say you won't play [Beefy ]

Monopoly or scrabble [F]

You're really no fun [Karin]

They say you will stray [Kansas Sam]

Out there among the rabble [Karin]

You, who were a nun [F]

They say I'm a fool [Beefy ]

I can't say I disagree [Karin]

And keep a straight face [Beefy ]

They say I'm not cool [Kansas Sam]

So what do you think of me? [Karin]

You're lacking in grace [F]

I say we should meet [Beefy ]

And cut through all of the hype [Karin]

Or are you afraid? [F]

I say we shan't cheat [Kansas Sam]

Nor should we grumble and gripe [F]

And thus friendship's made [Beefy ]

Contributors: Karin, F, Beefy, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 22nd March 2004 by Anon..