The Spoonbill Generator

Away Game Voyeurism

People are bloody ignorant apes! [Samuel Barclay]

According to my lovelorn fish [Kansas Sam]

I was listening to my juvenile tapes [Krapp]

When I happened on this thought: [TG]

Candles, blown, may yield a wish [Kansas Sam]

But love cannot be bought [Karin]

In my youth, many hideous things [Apsley]

Long dwelt beneath my bed [Ethetran]

Ensnared in many coloured strings [Apsley]

That all were blue or red [loaf]

Or else some other colour quite [Apsley]

A hyrbid blending black with white [loaf]

My hair needs cutting once again [Ethetran]

It lengthens as I sleep [asdf]

And reaches out towards Big Ben [Apsley]

With many a subtle twist [loaf]

And a most surprising leap [Apsley]

Ensnaring many a wrist [loaf]

Thusly was it that I taped my life [Apsley]

Towards its subtle end [loaf]

I had to choose 'twixt gun and knife [Beefy ]

'Twixt fire-brigade and friend [loaf]

If only people weren't so dense [Beefy ]

My joy would, frankly, be immense [Roland]

Contributors: Samuel Barclay, Kansas Sam, Krapp, TG, Karin, Apsley, Ethetran, loaf, asdf, Beefy, Roland.
Poem finished: 12th March 2004 by Karin.