The Spoonbill Generator

Frauds? Yes

Let us now praise famous men [(trad)]

of which there are but few [Chris Dean]

In fact, if you can think of ten [loaf]

I'll argue over two [Ethetran]

I think that Einstein might be one [loaf]

His hair received renown [Kansas Sam]

His film Potemkin was quite fun [Roland]

And gave him the crown [Apsley]

I guess Brunel is on the list [loaf]

but of him i've not a clue [Anon.]

His film Tristana is one that I missed [loaf]

At the old Surrealists' zoo [Apsley]

That concludes our Hall of Fame [Roland]

(Except for stanzas five and six) [Apsley]

It may be scarcely worth the name [Roland]

But which of us can learn new tricks? [Apsley]

Contributors: (trad), Chris Dean, loaf, Ethetran, Kansas Sam, Roland, Apsley, Anon..
Poem finished: 12th March 2004 by flopp.