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Alternative Will

Tell me Doc - I've got to know [Karin]

Did lying make my thingie grow? [Kansas Sam]

Young man, that muscle's overused [F]

Wait a sec Doc, I'm kinda confused [Karin]

Tell me Doc - will I go blind? [F]

And be unable my thingie to find? [Karin]

Young man, don't think too 'hard' about it [F]

Careful, Doc, such talk might spout it [Kansas Sam]

Tell me Doc - what should I do? [F]

Should pills I take, or cream with goo? [Kansas Sam]

I would advise cold showers, lad [F]

Or never will you be a dad [Nym]

Tell me Doc - will it fall off? [F]

Will Mother shriek and maidens scoff? [Kansas Sam]

I doubt it, sir, but if I'm wrong [F]

That might explain my lengthy schlong [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Karin, Kansas Sam, F, Nym.
Poem finished: 10th March 2004 by F.