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Nothing But Extra Famine

Whilst walking on the darkling path [d]

With few and tender feet [loaf]

I saw a moth [Apsley]

An Ostrogoth [Roland]

And half a yard of linen cloth [Grayman]

On which they were to plight their troth [fester]

If one day they should meet [loaf]

Again upon the darkling path [fester]

I wandered far and wide [Grayman]

And in the drain [loaf]

I saw a crane [fester]

And more than half a map of Spain [loaf]

(Quite damp because of all the rain) [fester]

And plenty else beside ... [loaf]

Still following the darkling path [fester]

(a muddy business now) [Irene]

I heard a squawk [asdf]

And, at the fork [loaf]

I saw a dingo eating pork [Irene]

And then, the crane (which was a stork) [loaf]

Delivered maps of old New York [Irene]

But never mentioned how [loaf]

I fell upon the darkling path [TG]

(A darkling tripped me up) [fester]

In my despair [loaf]

I heard a bear [Irene]

And what it said was "Hello, there! [fester]

A spider's parlor's in my lair" [Kansas Sam]

And then I heard "Wazzzup?" [Karin]

as he ate me--his dainty buttercup. [Chris Dean]

Contributors: d, loaf, Apsley, Roland, Grayman, fester, Irene, asdf, TG, Kansas Sam, Karin, Chris Dean.
Poem finished: 9th March 2004 by Anon..