The Spoonbill Generator

Balderdash Brevity

Here's an ode to hogwash - to tripe and pure baloney [Nym]

To all the lies, both great and small, and Doodle on his pony [d]

To shoes and ships and sealing wax, and elbowed macaroni [Kansas Sam]

In profusion [Roland]

Let us now laud dreck, sing a paean to folderol [Karin]

Sing 'hidee-hee' and 'heedee-ho' til readers are appallederol [Kansas Sam]

Mumbo jumbo, hocus pocus, balderdash and rigmarole [N]

In conclusion [Roland]

Contributors: Nym, d, Kansas Sam, Roland, Karin, N.
Poem finished: 5th March 2004 by Karin.