The Spoonbill Generator

Punctuated Parsimony

There' s no use whining [(The Master)]

At the price of beet [Apsley]

Your last day's shining [loaf]

On your death-bed's sheet [Apsley]

There's no point wheezing [loaf]

In the freezing breeze [cora]

At the phlegm you're sneezing [Apsley]

Over seven seas [loaf]

There's no need thinking [fester]

As the backlog grows [loaf]

That it needs shrinking [fester]

As one might suppose [loaf]

There's no way boozing [fester]

Can help you through [loaf]

You're best off losing [Grayman]

From twelve 'til two [loaf]

There's no gain trying [fester]

To beat the game [Roland]

There's trades for plying [fester]

If John's you'd tame [asdf]

Envoi [loaf]

Those that bemoan their fate [Apsley]

Do so too late [loaf]

Contributors: (The Master), Apsley, loaf, cora, fester, Grayman, Roland, asdf.
Poem finished: 5th March 2004 by Apsley.