The Spoonbill Generator

Musical Accomplishments Involving Instruments Of Zinc

It's fine to play the didgeridoo, but please not in the office loo [Kansas Sam]

It makes an awful ruckus there [Irene]

And interrupts the talk of hair [Beefy ]

And makes the patrons stop and stare [Grayman]

And they might even stare at you, so please take home your didgeridoo [Irene]

It's fine to play the air guitar, but please remember where you are [Beefy ]

Tollbooths can be quite confining [Irene]

If funky riffs you'd be designing [Beefy ]

It's hard to do where oil's refining [Irene]

It's better done down in the bar, so please take hence your air guitar [Grayman]

It's fine to play the Village Fool, but please not in my private pool [loaf]

It disconcerts my starry clique [Beefy ]

Whose ambience is oh-so-chic [loaf]

I fear they'll think me so last week [Beefy ]

And then they'd think me quite the tool, so please play elsewhere, Village Fool [Irene]

Envoi [loaf]

To play is fine, to fool is fair [Kansas Sam]

'Tis you that fills me with despair ... [Anon.]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, Irene, Beefy, Grayman, loaf, Roland.
Poem finished: 3rd March 2004 by Kansas Sam.