The Spoonbill Generator

Surprise Me Less

The trunk in the attic held something amazing [Irene]

The fossilised acrobat swayed [loaf]

From the lid of the trunk when she opened the thing [Irene]

She swung by a hook from a cast iron ring [Grayman]

And all of the world was dismayed [loaf]

The trunk had been put there some forty years since [Beefy ]

By some family member or other [Irene]

Perhaps the odd aunt who'd been wooed by a prince [Beefy ]

With comfits and cucumbers, quinine and quince [Roland]

Or maybe just somebody's brother [Irene]

Yet once it was open we spun it about [Roland]

To see what delights it revealed [Beefy ]

Yet no-one expected the sickening shout [loaf]

Of the dyspepsic voice of a very old trout [Apsley]

Which explained why the trunk had been sealed [Beefy ]

He told us, "Pandora, herself, owned this box" [Kansas Sam]

And kept in it socks to the thigh? [Apsley]

A handful of doilies, some igneous rocks, [Irene]

The putrid insides of a hundred old locks? [Apsley]

And many a festering pie [loaf]

So hearken, my children, and take careful heed [Beefy ]

For truth is the mother of lying [Roland]

If in solving life's puzzle you wish to succeed [Beefy ]

And seek something novel to pass as your Creed [loaf]

Beware of the perils of prying [Apsley]

Contributors: Irene, loaf, Grayman, Beefy, Roland, Apsley, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 1st March 2004 by Irene.