The Spoonbill Generator

Pious Hens of Unknowing

What kind of men are these, with beards and balding pates? [Beefy ]

How dare they sell us cough drops, spouting William Butler Yeats? [Kansas Sam]

You'd think they'd have outgrown by now this schoolboy fascination [Beefy ]

Or found another market for their bogus medication [Grayman]

What kind of drops sell they, with verse embossed atop? [Kansas Sam]

How dare they claim the output was inspired by van der Bop? [Beefy ]

You'd think that they'd create a form awash in fresh uniqueness [Irene]

Or found a school of Janov scream to vent a cougher's bleakness [Kansas Sam]

What kind of cough is this, that coded message sends? [Beefy ]

To make a man a millionaire before the program ends? [Grayman]

You'd think that their remorse would dash the dot stuck in their craw [chaise]

Or rearrange contestant names and call the game a draw. [Irene]

What kind of game is this, that only men can play? [Beefy ]

And only men, at that, who wear a tailcoat colored gray? [Irene]

And why the beards? - no sucker buys "My hair has travelled south"... [Kansas Sam]

"To leave my scalp so cold and form a duvet for my mouth" [Grayman]

What kind of duvet this, that migrates overnight? [Beefy ]

Who ducks and runs for cover, playing down their dandered fight? [chaise]

Goose and Duck, Quail and Gander [Nigel Sly]

(Forgive that line: too many cough drops made my thoughts meander) [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Beefy, Kansas Sam, Grayman, Irene, chaise, Nigel Sly.
Poem finished: 23rd February 2004 by Irene.