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No, Angels Shouldn't

To cling, once more, to selfsame forms [Apsley]

That shadow us and sneer [loaf]

As if we try to sleep in dorms [Apsley]

And whistle from the rear [asdf]

The omnipresent thunderstorms [Beefy ]

Will drown it out, I fear [Grayman]

And upset all the classic norms [Irene]

That led us brieflyhere [Beefy ]

To wake, perchance, and dreaming not [Irene]

Find words in patterns old [Apsley]

A memory from the crib or cot [Grayman]

That's firmly taken hold [Beefy ]

I drown my thoughts in bergamot [Grayman]

To keep them from the cold [Beefy ]

And hum a theme from Turandot [loaf]

If I may be so bold [Grayman]

For poetry is but a dream [Apslez]

That wrecks the sleep of life [Roland]

And wraps it a golden leaf [Apsley]

And drowns it in the stream [loaf]

Contributors: Apsley, loaf, asdf, Beefy, Grayman, Irene, Apslez, Roland.
Poem finished: 23rd February 2004 by asdf.