The Spoonbill Generator

Harvested From Unsavoury Pulpits

Only a man. [fester]

That's all he was. And yet, [Beefy ]

Inside his head there was a place [fester]

For all that he would be [chaise]

All that he would dream [Beefy ]

Throughout all solid ages [Apsley]

Between now and yesterday [loaf]

Only a hake. [Kansas Sam]

That's all she wanted. Sadly, [Grayman]

There was no hake that wanted her - [fester]

For all that she would cry [Beefy ]

All that she would scream [loaf]

Throughout the lonely evenings [Beefy ]

Between Sodom and Gomorrah [loaf]

Only a gem. [chaise]

That's all it was. That is, [Irene]

A moon-sized diamond, they inferred [Beefy ]

For all that it would gleam [Irene]

Throughout the broken twilight [loaf]

Between isolated clusters [Grayman]

Only a rose. [Beefy ]

That's all he plucked. And bled, [chaise]

As the thorns pierced his hand and his soul [Beefy ]

For all that a dozen could mean [chaise]

Through outer space, and inner [loaf]

Between his one hand clapping [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: fester, Beefy, chaise, Apsley, loaf, Kansas Sam, Grayman, Irene.
Poem finished: 22nd February 2004 by Apsley.