The Spoonbill Generator

Crybaby Number Nine (1967)

The lonely hearts in Sgt. Pepper's Band [Karin]

For benefit of Mr Kite would always lend a hand [Beefy ]

While Lovely Rita metered ev'ry splendid time they spent [Kansas Sam]

Before the Taxman came and took his eighty-three per cent [Beefy ]

Mean Mr Mustard drives a Yellow Submarine [Anon.]

With a piano in its parlor for the children of the queen [Karin]

And Savoy Truffles - All You Need - they're one sweet dream come true [Kansas Sam]

They'll be your anniversary gift with love, From Me to You [Karin]

Quoth Ringo Starr: [Beefy ]

Act Naturally, beat less guitar [Kansas Sam]

And when it comes to the honors list please Don't Pass Me By [Karin]

You know it don't come easy - Oh, my, my [Beefy ]

Julia's boy, young John [Karin]

Asked, "Baby, won't you dance, c'mon?" [Kansas Sam]

He told his puppy "Hey Bulldog, All You Need Is Love" [Karin]

And told us to Imagine that there's only sky above [Kansas Sam]

And George sang "My Sweet Lord" [Beefy ]

Plying Hare Krishna abroad [Grayman]

But something within and without [Beefy ]

Gave his guitar something to weep about [Grayman]

(Wait, Get Back, I'm Fixing a Hole:) Yesterday, Paul [Kansas Sam]

Met a bird named Sally, Long and Tall [Karin]

He called her Lady Madonna, down Penny Lane they'd roam [Beefy ]

Her parents said "We can't believe She's really Leaving Home!" [Karin]

George Martin, lest we forget [Beefy ]

The way you made them fabber yet [Grayman]

Ensured that any music fan you meet'll [Beefy ]

Tell you all about his favorite Beatle [Karin]

Contributors: Karin, Beefy, Kansas Sam, Anon., Grayman.
Poem finished: 19th February 2004 by Kansas Sam.