The Spoonbill Generator

The Great Roar

The lion's the king of the beasts [Karin]

And on sundry creatures he feasts [F]

They say you'll be awed by his roar [Karin]

In fact, you'll pee on the floor [F]

I admire the polecat, and all of its stripe [Kansas Sam]

To defeat all comers he unleashes some "hype" [Karin]

When you see one, you might want to run away fast [F]

You'll lose all your friends if you get yourself gassed [Karin]

Ants think they're strong, but rhinos are stronger [Kansas Sam]

When a rhino lies, its horn gets longer [F]

Rhinocerotic mothers love rhinocerotic faces [Kansas Sam]

They think they're purtier than all Three Graces [F]

The butterfly - to me, at least - seems vastly overrated [Kansas Sam]

Nonetheless, when one flits by, I sometimes feel elated [F]

A thrill it is to cast my tongue, to snag a (bitter) snack [Kansas Sam]

(Though once I caught a bee and my tongue turned blue and black) [F]

Contributors: Karin, F, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 18th February 2004 by Karin.