The Spoonbill Generator

Habits Of Old Liberals Foregone

"devolve prolific coconut" advised the sophic spam [Kansas Sam]

though coconuts prolific devolving do not need [Apsley]

Apologists, nor publicists, nor others of their ilk [Beefy ]

For, palm trees standing straight and sure are mothers of their milk [Kansas Sam]

While tigers running widdershins will surely turn to ghee [Beefy ]

"Revolve horrific smoking but" revised the garlic ham. [Nigel Sly]

Though smoking butts may cause a revolution [Beefy ]

Especially if aimed in the direction of the city [Grayman]

For smokers huddling in a door are shorn of ruth or pity [Beefy ]

The more so when the smokers-non their burning building flee [Kansas Sam]

"evolve terrific mud stuck butt" Evoked the spekled Ram [LaoFuZhi]

Though sparkling or speckled, it's all the same to me [Grayman]

When standing in the shade of an enormous banyan tree [Beefy ]

And under the tree, the smokers will smoke with glee not a care in the world [Lance]

And heedless of the antelope, they join the jamboree [Grayman]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, Apsley, Beefy, Nigel Sly, Grayman, LaoFuZhi, Lance.
Poem finished: 17th February 2004 by Anon..