The Spoonbill Generator

Harvest Me Gently Yet

There's many pheasant pluckers farm life's field [chaise]

For the daily yield, for the daily yield [Roland]

There's one or two callow shunts on life's track [jm]

For the coming back, for the coming back [chaise]

There's a wilted stitch on many a sore [jm]

For the stevedore, for the stevedore [Beefy ]

There's a bum ditch underneath it all [jm]

For the wait, for the wait [Dravis]

There's a shoal of boiled sprat to rank the pot [chaise]

For the drunken sot, for the drunken sot [Gussie]

There's a willow a weep when the rain falls down [Lydia Santos]

On Dublin town, on Dublin town [Beefy ]

Pheasant pluckers, wilted stitches, boiled sprats, make quite a stew [chaise]

Produced by sundry shining wits, the fevered and the few [Beefy ]

There's a wobbling canker on life's cleanest mitt [jm]

For the hissy fit, for the hissy fit [chaise]

There's a pretty nick on the bursar's cane [Beefy ]

For the mundane, for the mundane [chaise]

There's a roaring hat on any good head [jm]

For the newly dead, for the newly dead [Beefy ]

There's a boring prat in many a bed [Nigel Sly]

As we eat them up, as the witches have said [Margaret]

And many have tasted the gingerbread [Beefy ]

But the brain damage doddlins mean this line must STOP! [LaoFuZhi]

So stop it did... [Grayman]

Contributors: chaise, Roland, jm, Beefy, Dravis, Gussie, Lydia Santos, Nigel Sly, Margaret, LaoFuZhi, Grayman.
Poem finished: 13th February 2004 by Beefy.