The Spoonbill Generator

Even Duplication Factors

Say hello to Chutney Spears [Roland]

Who heartens those who raise two cheers [P]

When she gets in a pickle [Roland]

Say hello to Slimboy Fat [TG]

Who praises all who wear a hat [P]

When other talents trickle [Roland]

Bid farewell to Doris Knight [TG]

Who could not say 'Scorsese' right [Roland]

When taking an audition [TG]

Bid farewell to Vera Loon [Roland]

Who eats her peanuts with a spoon [TG]

In many a strange position [Roland]

All of these, and many more [TG]

Who cheered our Privates in the war [Roland]

You'll find in Russell Square [TG]

Yet neither bowls nor blindman's buff [Roland]

Can hide the diamond in the rough [TG]

That dazzles with despair [Roland]

Contributors: Roland, P, TG.
Poem finished: 10th February 2004 by TG.