The Spoonbill Generator

Those Poor Breakdancing Triplets

The birth canal has many locks [Roland]

And places you can hang your socks [TG]

But if it had as many quays [Roland]

We'd make of them a home for fleas [TG]

And on alternate Tuesday nights [Roland]

Ensnare them with our footloose tights [TG]

A fancy frieze on nursery walls [Roland]

A fitting end for such as these [TG]

Across the ruined aqueduct [Roland]

With trousers into sock-tops tucked [TG]

The Midwives stride in stern array [Roland]

To make it home by break of day [TG]

For on alternate Thursday dawns [Roland]

The Angel comes for all new-borns [TG]

Unless, before their stern demands [Roland]

The mothers tread the threefold way [TG]

What dire Obstruction bars their course [Roland]

With ironing board and clothing horse [TG]

And what its purpose? Why these tools? [Roland]

Have we become a ship for fools? [TG]

What dire Obstetric vale of tears [Roland]

Has caused this glut of tiny biers? [TG]

And can cocoons of talc and lint [Roland]

Mop dry the lachrymosal pools? [TG]

Until their sluices overfill [Roland]

They'll ply their buckets with a willl [TG]

Until they go beyond the pail [Roland]

And see that which makes strong men quail [TG]

The dark placenta, moist and rich [Roland]

Reminding them of matters which [TG]

Were once considered quite taboo [Roland]

And cause the stoutest heart to fail [TG]

Envoi [Roland]

If you'd enjoy your time on Earth [TG]

Pray don't obstruct your mother's birth [Roland]

Contributors: Roland, TG.
Poem finished: 10th February 2004 by TG.