The Spoonbill Generator

Farewell, Mutiny

Cease to sway [loaf]

Or, come tthe day [Beefy ]

When the door slams on her way out [chaise]

All shall cease [loaf]

Ne'er go in peace [jm]

Nor leave those behind in any doubt [loaf]

The crow's nest - not the place to be with storms about [chaise]

Freedom begins at a rapid pace [Michele Patrick]

Rigging in tatters at her slapped face [chaise]

The gift of freedom is to make mistakes [Lydia Santos]

A rocky bow, she sternly brakes [jm]

To seek the wind wheree'er it blows [Beefy ]

And force an even keel upon the company she chose [chaise]

Start to play [Beefy ]

Anchors away [chaise]

When the gale howls through the crow's nest [Beefy ]

For weeks, ahoy [jm]

She'll show that buoy [chaise]

What it takes to dock abreast [jm]

Below decks - with sixteen men a-sitting on the chest [Beefy ]

Contributors: loaf, Beefy, chaise, jm, Michele Patrick, Lydia Santos.
Poem finished: 5th February 2004 by Anon..