The Spoonbill Generator

Borders For Uncle Monk

'Quite a clump,' he summarised [Roland]

As knowing as could be [Beefy ]

"Sir, these boots are really not for me." [chaise]

"These boots are made for walking [Nancy S]

As rapid as they may." [loaf]

And, saying that, he threw the things away. [Nancy S]

"This glass mule," he struck a chime [chaise]

As hollow as he dared [Roland]

"Has, contrary to how it seems, never been repaired" [Beefy ]

"These boots are made for walking [Stephanie Caouette]

I trashed them yesterday." [chaise]

And, hearing that, the mule commenced to bray. [Beefy ]

He-haw, he-haw, he oughta wear boots that don't make an ass of him [chaise]

"So how 'bout vinyl zebra print boots?" the man with the red tie asked. [Megg Byrnes]

surely you jest, sputtered the mule [Lori Cushman]

vinyl zebra boots may set you free [Scott Wosleger]

"But if they do," he continued, "You may never return to me." [Howard Hafford Sr.]

The moral here is passing plain [Beefy ]

The sound of stamping feet echo down the halls again [chaise]

Contributors: Roland, Beefy, chaise, Nancy S, loaf, Stephanie Caouette, Megg Byrnes, Lori Cushman, Scott Wosleger, Howard Hafford Sr..
Poem finished: 4th February 2004 by jm.