The Spoonbill Generator

Rebel Angels, Mountain Dance

Labouring dismally under a sky [loaf]

Misapprehension, all gone awry [chaise]

Never pretending to understand why [Beefy ]

The clouds tip their piss upon me [chaise]

if I were certain how soon it might stop [loaf]

Disconsolation at each wretched drop [Beefy ]

Might not give way to an out-and-out strop [loaf]

(But I'd still have to get back to Bromley) [Beefy ]

Without a clue of how to get back, [Stephanie Caouette]

The sky belched an almighty crack [chaise]

The thunderclouds loomed dire and black [Beefy ]

Then the fog fell hard and set me off track. [Megg Byrnes]

Flooded galoshes and dull achy feet [Lori Cushman]

much more of this and my maker, I'll meet [Scott Wosleger]

When finally. I walk the golden street [Howard Hafford Sr.]

(But I'd still have to get back to Bromley) [(trad)]

Contributors: loaf, chaise, Beefy, Stephanie Caouette, Megg Byrnes, Lori Cushman, Scott Wosleger, Howard Hafford Sr., (trad).
Poem finished: 4th February 2004 by Anon..