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Destiny For My King Of Hastings

One day, while I was walking [jm]

Along the banks of the river Thames [Big Andy]

Whom should I espy but Arthur [Beefy ]

The rightful queen of all he surveys [Kansas Sam]

I gave a cheery greeting [Beefy ]

" 'Allo old chap!" [archaeopteryx]

But he fell forward, dead, upon the towpath [Grayman]

On the third day he was risen - he hadn't died at all. [chaise]

Well, actually he had, but [jm]

- this is quite difficult to grasp - [Beefy ]

"The truth", he told me, "is this..." [jm]

"I'm only dead to those who can't read braille." [chaise]

"I am dead to only those who cannot feel." [JoAnna]

"I'm alive to all who want to thrive." [Deborah Dufel]

"Confused? - You will be, but all will become clear" [Beefy ]

And all this was said with nimble fingers signing [chaise]

And brightly coloured birds singing all around [Beefy ]

Who could have predicted what would happen next? [jm]

Nobody [loaf]

One night, while I was stalking [chaise]

The gloomy banks of the river Styx [Beefy ]

Whom should I espy but Arthur's brother [chaise]

The rueful cur of all of the land [jm]

I gave my cautious greeting [Anon.]

And quickly took away my hand [Jennifer Wagner]

Before anything unusal could happen [Jessica Cullen]

I quickly glanced away [Maria Pascucci]

Well, I didn't really... the girls have got it wrong [chaise]

My gaze was transfixed by a suddan apparition [Beefy ]

Then I remembered... Arthur's brother had died two months back [chaise]

Yes - a heart attack befell him when he learned he wasn't Arthur's brother [jm]

Confused? I certainly am, so just imagine how Arthur feels [Anon.]

He has lost all with which he thought was real, [Stephanie Caouette]

Well, he hadn't really... he just thought he had - probably [chaise]

And mourns a brother he never had. Who shall comfort him? [Beefy ]

Why, his only brother and one true friend: Arthur's brother, Frank. [jm]

And though the rhyming slang was obvious, he wasn't worth one [chaise]

And Frank, evil twin of Arthur and transcendent of the great Iago, was scheming: [Megg Byrnes]

I shall bring him back from the ashes [Lori Cushman]

for, from the ashes he shall rise like a phoenix [Scott Wosleger]

And he shall scorch the tree tops in his miraculous flight [Howard Hafford Sr]

And then I realized that I made this entire story up. The End. [jm]

Contributors: jm, Big Andy, Beefy, Kansas Sam, archaeopteryx, Grayman, chaise, JoAnna, Deborah Dufel, loaf, Anon., Jennifer Wagner, Jessica Cullen, Maria Pascucci, Stephanie Caouette, Megg Byrnes, Lori Cushman, Scott Wosleger, Howard Hafford Sr.
Poem finished: 4th February 2004 by Anon..