The Spoonbill Generator

All That Blisters

Have more wine and honey, darling, [fester]

Eat and drink your fill [Beefy ]

Scoff the peanuts, down the Carling [Roland]

Go to it with a will [fester]

Take the wife to heaven - she's had enough of hell [chaise]

But bring her home by seven, for the reason you know well [Beefy ]

Ale is down the hatch and the slops are due for hers [chaise]

One more shot of whiskey, and she'll fly home with the birds [Jennifer Wagner]

Sit on chairs aplenty, won't you? [Apsley]

Eat and drink your worst [loaf]

You still like the fabric, don't you, [Apsley]

Though you know I saw it first [loaf]

Can you honestly say it looks as if its at its worst [Jessica Cullen]

for maybe all that we do see is just a visual curse. [Maria Pascucci]

Contributors: fester, Beefy, Roland, chaise, Jennifer Wagner, Apsley, loaf, Jessica Cullen, Maria Pascucci.
Poem finished: 3rd February 2004 by Anon..