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Cheese Pistons Of All Ages

What is this evil in our midst? [Big Andy]

What say we hold a seance [chaise]

And bid it to reveal itself [Big Andy]

True spirit of abeyance [chaise]

Let us dim the lights and call it forth [Big Andy]

Let us join hand to hand [TG]

And hum and chant these special words [jm]

That none can understand: [Anon.]

Would you like an orangeade, love? [Apsley]

The evil's being pithy - squash it now [chaise]

With an iron fist impatient [Apsley]

And hope to see it exorcised tonight [loaf]

While its power's still nascent [TG]

Let us ope the blinds and shoo it hence [loaf]

And keep it from our neighbors [Stacy Alexander]

Even though the effort is immense [loaf]

And hardly worth our labours: [Apsley]

Would you like a Band-Aid, love? [loaf]

Contributors: Big Andy, chaise, TG, jm, loaf, Apsley, Stacy Alexander.
Poem finished: 25th January 2004 by TG.