The Spoonbill Generator

Phoebe Married The Warmonger

Smell my squirty button-hole [Roland]

It reeks of rancid butter [Kansas Sam]

I must admit, it's getting old [loaf]

The shame of it is utter [N]

The hang-dog look of stale lapels [Roland]

Will send us to the Pole [Apsley]

To dance among the fishy smells [loaf]

That come from my South hole [Padfoot]

So smell my squirty button-hole [Beefy ]

Smell my squirty button-hole [loaf]

But my squirty smelly-hole [Ethetran]

Leave that well alone! [Beefy ]

Contributors: Roland, Kansas Sam, loaf, N, Apsley, Padfoot, Beefy, Ethetran.
Poem finished: 22nd January 2004 by Anon..