The Spoonbill Generator

Arthur Sucking Cough Drops

Shall I start a new poem or will it get trashed? [F]

(Captain, art thou sleeping there below?) [(trad)]

Whoever upsets me deserves to be thrashed [Beefy ]

(Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow) [Ethe(trad)]

Shall I use more mascara and hope to look nice [loaf]

Or sell some of my flesh for a rhyme [chaise]

Whoever can pay my exorbitant price [Beefy ]

Will be better at grammar than I'm [Ethetran]

Shall I push the wrong button or start a new stanza? [Kansas Sam]

(Am I versed in a lyrical way?) [chaise]

Just fashion your veil from cretonne or organza [Roland]

But I'll still be the Vicar of Bray [(trad)]

Shall I end it right now or lengthen its tire? [Kansas Sam]

(IF anyone could know just what I mean) [Apsley]

'someness', My Liege, is the part you require... [asdf]

(I've been up to London to look at the Queen) [(trad)]

Contributors: F, (trad), Beefy, Ethe(trad), loaf, chaise, Ethetran, Kansas Sam, Roland, Apsley, asdf.
Poem finished: 22nd January 2004 by Anon..