The Spoonbill Generator

Alexander's Shadow Ring-pull

Take five, my little feathered friends [jm]

Or better yet, take seven [F]

And take them all to hell and back [Big Andy]

Before they sail for heaven [loaf]

These worms we eat deserve no less [Kansas Sam]

Than frying in a pan [Apsley]

And when you want to save yourself [loaf]

Drive a bulletproof van [F]

Slice six or seven hearty tarts [Stacy]

And baste their spawn with care [Roland]

Then fricassee their nether parts [Kansas Sam]

With a handy highway flare [F]

Contributors: jm, F, Big Andy, loaf, Kansas Sam, Apsley, Stacy, Roland.
Poem finished: 20th January 2004 by Anon..