The Spoonbill Generator

The Everlasting Pets

My cat is too fat [Lee]

And falls from walls when licking his alternatives [chaise]

My monkey is hunky [Beefy ]

And flings those things when everyone's watching [Karin]

My pig is too big [Beefy ]

And chews all my shoes 'til I can't get them on [Big Andy]

My giraffe is a laugh [loaf]

And necks with techs, (the ones that are sexy) [F]

My hake is a flake [Kansas Sam]

And his nose grows, just like Pinocchio's [F]

My gnat is kersplat [Kansas Sam]

And flat as a sprat or as a quashed hat [F]

My mouse is a souse [Karin]

And chucks on my mukluks each drop that he sucks [Kansas Sam]

My donkey is so funky [Karin]

And passes the gas like any good ass [jm]


My bird is absurd [jm]

And crashes and smashes at all of my bashes [F]

My cod is a god [Big Andy]

And this site he might smite, if we don't get it right [Karin]

My Canary is too hairy [Nigel Sly]

And the fella is yella - we call him Stella [jm]

My whale is too pale [Big Andy]

And blows his nose instead of his hole [archaeopteryx]


Contributors: Lee, chaise, Beefy, Karin, Big Andy, loaf, F, Kansas Sam, jm, Anon., Karin and Mark, Nigel Sly, archaeopteryx.
Poem finished: 19th January 2004 by Kansas Sam.