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The Georgian Silhouettes

Do not single out the fat for taking too much space [Kansas Sam]

You might mingle with a portly man aching for a date [archaeopterx]

I know I always tingle when a fatty makes his case [F]

And my nerves are all a-jingle at the thought of all that weight [Beefy ]

Portly men - you ladies know - are tons and tons of fun [Kansas Sam]

Time and again, statistics show, a beefy guy's the one [Beefy ]

Do not gratify the meek for eating humble pie [Roland]

It might satisfy the weak of mind, but make a grown man cry [Beefy ]

Betray your own anxiety in mirthless tours de force [loaf]

And always show your piety, especially with a horse [F]

Portly men - you ladies know - are light and sweetness blent [loaf]

And I've made several women crow - although I'm one fat gent [F]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, archaeopterx, F, Beefy, Roland, loaf.
Poem finished: 17th January 2004 by Kansas Sam.