The Spoonbill Generator

Anatomical Chaps

Vesalius, whose scalpel bright [Roland]

Outshines the very sun [Beefy ]

Will greet us in his crypt this night [Kansas Sam]

When Evensong's begun [Roland]

Hippocrates, whose lancet shone [Padfoot]

More dusky than the moon [loaf]

Will go were no one else has gone [Big Andy]

At least, not before noon [Beefy ]

Heraclitus, whose schlong was limp [F]

As Play-Doh newly born [Kansas Sam]

Boohooed when others called him 'gimp' [F]

For needing the aid of porn [Big Andy]

All these, whose fame our world transcsends [Beefy ]

Are dead but they had fun [F]

And had they been some other's friends [Anon.]

Their nylons wouldn't run [F]

Contributors: Roland, Beefy, Kansas Sam, Padfoot, loaf, Big Andy, F.
Poem finished: 15th January 2004 by Kansas Sam.