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Tabletop Heirs

I've never hit a man I didn't like [jm]

I've never found a drink I could refuse [Beefy ]

I've never seen a vollyeball I couldn't spike [Karin]

I've always rewrit code I should reuse [Kansas Sam]

I've never put my finger in a dyke [Big Andy]

I've always been to shy to state my views [Beefy ]

I've never popped a wheelie on my trike [Kansas Sam]

I've always held my nose when near the pews [Karin]

I seldom smoke my seegar with panache [F]

I seldom kick my dog without a shoe [Kansas Sam]

I seldom scratch a poison ivy rash [F]

I often seem to rue it when I do [Karin]

I seldom pay for lollipops with cash [Kansas Sam]

I often take a sniff of Elmer's Glue [Karin]

I seldom wear a frilly satin sash [F]

I often turn to chocolate when I'm blue [Karin]

I rarely read the minds of men with beards [Padfoot]

I rarely do card tricks with tarot decks [F]

I rarely fraternise with odds and weirds [Beefy ]

I frequently like to have sex [Karin]

I rarely miss the chance to watch it too [loaf]

I frequently pay with cash (no cheques) [N]

I rarely do it with a wrecking crew [F]

I frequently my fellow poets vex [Karin]

Contributors: jm, Beefy, Karin, Kansas Sam, Big Andy, F, Padfoot, loaf, N.
Poem finished: 14th January 2004 by Anon..