The Spoonbill Generator

Contempt For Moustaches

When nightfall arrives with a purplish glow [Karin]

And all but the Captain are bunking below [Kansas Sam]

The pelican speaks of its curious ways [Apsley]

That only the top ornithologists know [Beefy ]

In legend, the pelican offered its breast [Apsley]

To suckle the hoodlums of old Budapest [loaf]

And caused them to dance through the streets in a daze [Beefy ]

The sailors, like dandies, now dream of that craze [Kansas Sam]

Which only the bosun should seek to bestow [P]

And now, on the sands of Arabian shores [Roland]

The lands where the wars and the rumors of wars [Kansas Sam]

Have whipped up a torrent and erected a maze, [Apsley]

The better to capture the global malaise [Grayman]

That swept round the world in a matter of days [Beefy ]

When the truth had been fully disguised by the faux [Kansas Sam]

At length, from the top of a vanishing tree [Anon.]

A glimpse of the distant horizon we see [Grayman]

And another one, closer, that baffles the wits [Roland]

Of those who make mock of the prophet who sits [Beefy ]

And chews his tobacco then oafishly spits [F]

Out all the hard indigestible bits [Grayman]

(Autistically rocking himself to and fro) [F]

Contributors: Karin, Kansas Sam, Apsley, Beefy, loaf, P, Roland, Grayman, F.
Poem finished: 14th January 2004 by Anon..