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I don't drinke vodka, only ginne - [Apsley]

And Master Juniper, my twin [Roland]

When cocktail hour set in [asdf]

Would reason: [Roland]

I nary finish; just beginne [Ethetran]

And crastination, for my sin [Roland]

Leaves me without a win [Beefy ]

This season. [jm]

I have no kith; my only kinne [P]

Repose beneath this ancient skin [Roland]

Like a golden hat pin [jm]

In Neasden! [Apsley]

I heard of yang; seen the yinne [jm]

And like a fish, I've grown a fin [F]

In my old steel fish-tin [Apsley]

It's freezin'. [jm]

I shave my lip; but on my chinne [Ethetran]

A tuft of hair, graft from my shin [jm]

Shall underline my grin [Ethetran]

- Just teasin' [Beefy ]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, asdf, Ethetran, Beefy, jm, P, F.
Poem finished: 12th January 2004 by Anon..