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Invaders From Rabbit-holes, Snout First

Mars is being explored--and wow, are we excited! [F]

Where else can you see pictures like those? [Beefy ]

If only we knew where the Beagle alighted [Grayman]

(I'm sure we'll find NASA secretly knows) [Beefy ]

The scientists grin wide--sho'nuf, Mars is red! [Kansas Sam]

That's worth spending millions of dollars to know [Beefy ]

Has it water - or life? Let's ask Marvin instead [Kansas Sam]

A thousand years, Earth used up & Mars, the new in place to go. [Gussie]

Unlike sci-fi flicks portrayed--Mars is not that scary! [F]

No bug-eyed critters with acid blood [Nym]

It turns out it's not in the least bit Dan Darey [Ethetran]

But that doesn't mean that the venture's a dud [Beefy ]

Could someone please dust Mars--it's clearly a mess! [Kansas Sam]

Should some worm leave must stars- - tits deary a breast [Nigel sly]

And who's a Martian? Well. uh, Rover I confess. [Gussie]

And that's all we'll really find out, I suggest [Beefy ]

Contributors: F, Beefy, Grayman, Kansas Sam, Gussie, N, Ethetran, Nigel sly.
Poem finished: 9th January 2004 by Grayman.