The Spoonbill Generator

The Unkempt

Her face was blanched, her eyes aglow; the sky was gauzy, rent [F]

With lightning bursts that laid her low, and left her sprawling, spent [TG]

Her manner so 'Ophelia'--tragic, pallid, mad [F]

She clutched at a lobelia as if it were her dad [TG]

'Twas then the little slyboots started a new fad [F]

She stood at ease, her lips a-twitch; the watching crowd fell still [Beefy ]

Her sweating brow, cooled by the breeze; with fear her heart did fill [Big Andy]

But never would she show it - - maintaining outward calm [Beefy ]

Fear beginning to beat so hard her fragile frame [Sweet Mystery]

Began to disintegrate (we feared she would be lame) [F]

Contributors: F, TG, Beefy, Big Andy, Sweet Mystery.
Poem finished: 7th January 2004 by Beefy.