The Spoonbill Generator

Clichés Usually Reserved For Sensitive Souls

The winter sun broke through the trees, to shine upon the meadow [Big Andy]

And sixty five photographers took aim [Roland]

The presses waited for the word, the banner headlines read: "Oh [Beefy ]

Look! Pictures of a UFO aflame!" [F]

The law enforcement group arrived, and tried to push spectators [Beefy ]

To the side as ten rescue teams began [Karin]

To quench the flames and reach the craft, urged on by The Awaiters [Beefy ]

Except for Captain Video - he ran! [Kansas Sam]

The aliens began to squall and wave their pink antennae [F]

Which caused the watching crowd to rock with mirth [TG]

But then emerged a little boy who asked, "Oh, please--oh, can I [F]

Be first to welcome them to Planet Earth?" [TG]

The aliens mistook the lad for food, and vaporized his head [Randy]

Needless to say, the earthlings were upset [F]

Lasers blazing, the aliens then turned to the crowds and said [Karin]

A tastier morsel we have never met [F]

The moral of the story is: keep children close beside you [Beefy ]

But if they get zapped make sure you stand well away [Honker]

And do not speak of aliens, lest all the world deride you [Beefy ]

And dump your Asimov for Hemingway [Grayman]

Contributors: Big Andy, Roland, Beefy, F, Karin, Kansas Sam, TG, Randy, Honker, Grayman.
Poem finished: 6th January 2004 by Karin.