The Spoonbill Generator

Without Looking Twice

"Wherefore honkest thou," said I, "although in neighing guise?" [Grayman]

He could not answer, being mute, but rolled his meaning eyes [Beefy ]

How swarth he was and flippant, too [F]

The cheekiest denizen of the zoo [Karin]

"Wherefore mockest thou," said I, "although in lisping tones?" [F]

"Your false moustache, it peelest like many Groucho clones" [Grayman]

How glum he was and flaked, although [F]

A dash of glamour seemed to show [Beefy ]

"Wherefore wearest thou," said I, "a hat of finest ham?" [Grayman]

"It doth appear that Lagerfeld hath wrought his latest sham" [Karin]

How shamed he was and whispered, "That [Beefy ]

Is surely not a kosher hat" [Grayman]

"Wherefore pukest thou," said I, "a pile of warmish mush?" [Kansas Sam]

He could not answer, being sick, and incessantly did gush [F]

How pale he was and greenish, yet [Kansas Sam]

He would not let me call the vet [F]

"Wherefore goest thou," said I, "just as we seemed to jell?" [TG]

He led me on, then leapt away--and now in hell I dwell [F]

How smooth he was, and fiery-eyed [TG]

With angel tongue he spoke - and lied [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Grayman, Beefy, F, Karin, Kansas Sam, TG.
Poem finished: 4th January 2004 by Anon..