The Spoonbill Generator

Cocker Mouthwash

A pot of glue left me unstuck [Apsley]

Before my rooster ran amok [Surlaw]

Upon the Devon shores [Apsley]

Yet once I was a seventh son [Surlaw]

Sparked from a deadly boron gun [Apsley]

And earned my just applause [Surlaw]

From those who heard my pause [Apsley]

I suffered from an appetite [Surlaw]

To ingest a stalactite [Apsley]

Inlaid with Cashew nuts [Surlaw]

For once I saw the seventh sin [Apsley]

Both from without and from within [Surlaw]

The body and the scarlet guts [Apsley]

And every bit that there abuts [Surlaw]

And thus my life has been a dream [Apsley]

No more yielding than a scheme [(trad, -ish)]

Inscribed upon an oaken beam [Apsley]

Contributors: Apsley, Surlaw, (trad, -ish).
Poem finished: 3rd January 2004 by Anon..