The Spoonbill Generator

Hake Sprouts

My sister, Sue, has several suitors [F]

So the chance she'll choose the choicest [Kansas Sam]

Among the ones who are not neuters [F]

Becomes less as bourbon makes her boist'rous [Karin]

My father, Frederick, flashes females [F]

Halogen headlights on high beam [Beefy ]

And pesters them with annoying emails [Grayman]

Trying to tempt them into joining his team [Karin]

My brother Bruce is brusque and brutish [Beefy ]

A hairy ham-fisted hardly-human hunk [Grayman]

Who's crass and cranky; cold - yet coyly cutish [Kansas Sam]

He just jettisons jeune filles like so much junk [Karin]

Contributors: F, Kansas Sam, Karin, Beefy, Grayman.
Poem finished: 1st January 2004 by Anon..