The Spoonbill Generator

Forever In Love With Marilyn

There was an old goatherd named Bill [F]

Who met a saloon girl named Lil [Irene Adler]

She took him upstairs [Kansas Sam]

To show him her wares [F]

But it turned out he needed a pill [N]

There was an old shepherd named Bob [F]

In terrible need of a job [ambyr]

He went to the city [Anon.]

But, oh, what a pity [F]

As no-one would pleasure his nob [N]

There was a gay welder called Simon [Anon.]

Who asked, "Hey, what is a hymen?" [F]

When they tried to explain, [Apsley]

It addled his brain [archaeopteryx]

He told 'em "I going to cry, man!" [N]

There was an old farmer from Sweden [Anon.]

Who thought that his back yard was Eden [franz]

While looking for Eve [N]

He started to grieve [F]

For Cain had been raised by her breedin' [Kansas Sam]

There was an old swineherd named Max [F]

Who watched his pigs roll on their backs [Beefy ]

"Oh bugger!" he cried [N]

"Oink, oink," they replied [F]

But his thang wouldn't stand for such cracks [asdf]

There was an old blogger named Phil [F]

Whose blog was unblinking and shrill [Kansas Sam]

He would speak his mind [F]

But all he could find [Beefy ]

Was zilch, nothing, nada and nil [F]

Contributors: F, Irene Adler, Kansas Sam, N, ambyr, Anon., Apsley, archaeopteryx, franz, Beefy, asdf.
Poem finished: 18th December 2003 by Anon..