The Spoonbill Generator

Nesting Penguins Throughout Asia Minor

I can't believe I left the grass in my pocket [Big Andy]

When I walked on the heath in the dark with a dog [Apsley]

I can't conceive of a better use for a rocket [Roland]

Than to launch all my post to the moon in the fog [Apsley]

I can't recall the place where I put down the packet [Big Andy]

That I found in the rain near a cat with a limp [Apsley]

You see, the Grateful Dead were making such a racket [F]

Playing a cover of Frank Zappa's 'Willy the Pimp' [Big Andy]

I had to grab on to a loose wallbracket [franz]

When I dashed through the train station nude but for socks [F]

Presenting my rear for commuters to smack it [Beefy ]

The way that the sailors do down in the docks [loaf]

I hopped through the turnstiles like Jiminy Cricket [Beefy ]

My jiminy flapping and flopping about [F]

I stopped to catch breath and the dog tried to lick it [Padfoot]

Which caused me to render my own 'Twist and Shout' [Beefy ]

Contributors: Big Andy, Apsley, Roland, F, franz, Beefy, loaf, Padfoot.
Poem finished: 17th December 2003 by Anon..