The Spoonbill Generator

Mythical Quest

In days of yore, when dragons roamed the world [Big Andy]

And maidens were more plentiful than now [Beefy ]

A hopeful knight rode forth with flag unfurled [Ethetran]

Pursuant to an ill-considered vow [Beefy ]

Each mile made his hubris seem less keen [Kansas Sam]

Each furlong made his heroism flag [F]

As each league passed, he wished he'd never seen [ambyr]

His boyfriend making love to some old hag [F]

Oh, how he longed he'd lingered late at lunch [ambyr]

To feast upon hog and bread with mead [Big Andy]

On pickled pigsfeet would he often munch [F]

But today was chasing ogres on his steed [Ethetran]

He felled one ogre easily with a mighty swing of his sword [Big Andy]

It grew steadily easier, but soon he was bored [franz]

He had a strong feeling of being ignored [Beefy ]

So he rode off to find a maiden and pretty soon he scored [Big Andy]

Contributors: Big Andy, Beefy, Ethetran, Kansas Sam, F, ambyr, franz.
Poem finished: 16th December 2003 by Anon..