The Spoonbill Generator

Tumbling Over The Sweets

Your babka, I hear, is delicious. Your cheesecake is second to none. [F]

Your muffins are worth waging war for, and your flan never fails to stun [N]

Your creme brulee melts in the mouth and your apple pie appeals to all [Karin]

Wish I could eat more--alas, my tum-tum's just too small [F]

My cookies, I fear they've all crumbled. My sweetbreads all fail to rise. [archaeopteryx]

My chocolate souffle has deflated, the filling fell out of my pies [Karin]

My pudding refuses to thicken, my jello refuses to gel [F]

Wish my deserts wouldn't fail so, damn you all to hell! [archaeopteryx]

Contributors: F, N, Karin, archaeopteryx.
Poem finished: 15th December 2003 by Karin.