The Spoonbill Generator

Boutiques Full Of Festive Knick-knacks

Greensleeves and wassail, angels galore [F]

Santa makes plans to lump coal on Al Gore [Kansas Sam]

Stockings and eggnog, starry treetops [F]

Holiday fun never ends till it stops! [Kansas Sam]

Cookies and tinsel--relatives, too [F]

Hundreds of pressies for me and for you! [N]

Hangovers, fights, dysfunctional fun [F]

No time to rest till it's over and done [Beefy ]

A Bond film, Cliff Richard, a speech from the Queen [Ethetran]

Stuffing one's gut with a banquet obscene [Beefy ]

Couches and Rorschach's, snowstorms and flakes [Kansas Sam]

(Unless you're down here, where the hot summer bakes) [N]

Contributors: F, Kansas Sam, N, Beefy, Ethetran.
Poem finished: 13th December 2003 by Anon..