The Spoonbill Generator

When I Splash

Sometimes I like to run around in just my underoos [Padfoot]

And startle all the girlies on the Green [Beefy ]

My classmates think it's really peachie-keen [F]

That Lois Lane, though, drowns them out with "boo's" [Kansas Sam]

Sometimes she can be so doggone mean! [F]

Underoos ... let's see ... I know! - I'll add a cape and tights [Kansas Sam]

And let them call me Queer Boy, I don't care! [F]

There were good enough for Superman to wear [N]

And so what if I get into some fights? [F]

I'm sure mom's got a bandaid she can spare. [ambyr]

I can wear a mask made of panties, pink and silky [Big Andy]

And calf-length boots, now that will look the biz! [Beefy ]

A big red letter on my chest--gee whiz! [Irene Adler]

Now I can fly across the Milky [N]

My hair worn in a groovy Afro frizz [F]

Contributors: Padfoot, Beefy, F, Kansas Sam, N, ambyr, Big Andy, Irene Adler.
Poem finished: 12th December 2003 by Anon..