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Twilight Of A Flaming Pie

Sitting in an English garden, waiting for the sun [Kansas Sam (from Lennon)]

The walruses are taking tea, with a buttered English bun [N]

They speak of revolution and a yellow submarine [F]

But secretly, they like to keep their fire engine clean [N]

Lucy is the visionary, Pam is down to earth [Kansas Sam]

While Lonely Hearts write paperbacks and calculate the worth [F]

Father McKenzie sits alone and orders ginger sling [Karin]

Lady Madonna chucks it all and has herself a fling [F]

When the rain comes altogether now, they run and hide their heads [Kansas Sam]

The walruses then spend a week talking in their beds [Karin]

While Lennon hymns their ivories, we all can but Imagine [F]

You can never really tell, an Oscar I might win [Karin]

Prudence is a virtue, although it's rather dear [Grayman]

And it's a long and winding road to get from there to here [Beefy ]

Maybe love is all you need, but better warm your gun [Grayman]

Or knock on some Norwegian Wood - but, look - here comes the Sun [Beefy ]

The Sun King ends his golden slumbers - wait, it won't be long [Kansas Sam]

A blackbird quickly takes to flight and breaks out into song [Karin]

Dig it! - piggies twist and shout, "Good morning, love you to!" [Kansas Sam]

"Hey, Jude," they add, "Just let it be and I'll get back to you" [F]

The Taxman won't just let it be, all he wants is money [Big Andy]

He thinks those holes in Lancashire are really kind of funny [Grayman]

And if you spent a day in his life, you'd be so tired too [Beefy ]

I should have known better when he begged "love me do!" [Karin]

Contributors: Kansas Sam (from Lennon), N, F, Kansas Sam, Karin, Grayman, Beefy, Big Andy.
Poem finished: 11th December 2003 by Anon..