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Biblical Soundbites

The Tower of Babel, good sir [F]

Meant he couldn't gossip with her [N]

You see, yin and yang [F]

Went out with a bang [Grayman]

Combatants, they only say, "Grrrr!" [F]

"Good Noah", said God, "Build an ark" [Beefy ]

It's got to be easy to park [Grayman]

Then assemble a zoo [Beefy ]

-ful of animals who [Ethetran]

Are all up for a bit of a lark [Grayman]

"Oy Moses", yelled God, "here's some laws" [Padfoot]

"They're graven on tablets because [Beefy ]

I ran out of ink, [Herb]

But now that I think [Beefy ]

I cannot recall what the real reason was [N]

"Hey, Eve," said the snake, "eat that fruit" [F]

"You'll be clever, informed and astute" [N]

She took a big bite [F]

Then screamed at the sight [N]

Of what Adam had dubbed a 'man-root' [F]

To Samson God said, "Grow your hair" [Ethetran]

"If you don't, how can you fight fair?" [ambyr]

But Delilah, that slut, [Ethetran]

said, "Dear Sammy, but [ambyr]

If you cut it, you'll see me quite bare [Beefy ]

"Kill that giant," the Lord said to Dave [Ethetran]

Who suddenly came over all brave [Grayman]

With a sling and no armour [Ethetran]

He trusted his karma [Beefy ]

Goliath's head to and fro he did wave [Karin]

Contributors: F, N, Grayman, Beefy, Ethetran, Padfoot, Herb, ambyr, Karin.
Poem finished: 11th December 2003 by Anon..