The Spoonbill Generator

Wahhh! Sob Sniff!

Not every poem can please each aesthete [F]

So this one's for all those purists out there [N]

The scanning, perhaps, is not always that neat [F]

The rhyming scheme is up in the...clouds [N]

We try so damned hard but then there's a gaffe [F]

Somebody spoils all the fun [N]

And what can we do but just shudder, then laugh [F]

Other than threaten the brat with a...knife [N]

We say, c'est la vie, then go on our way [F]

Que será, será you know any Greek? [N]

The Attic or Modern? I don't want to stray [F]

Lest someone think that I'm some kind of...nerd [Karin]

Then sometimes it's best just to do what feels right [Beefy ]

(Though the finer of poets first turn out the light) [Kansas Sam]

So we plunk down a word, and run out of sight [ambyr]

Like this [N]

Contributors: F, N, Karin, Beefy, Kansas Sam, ambyr.
Poem finished: 11th December 2003 by Anon..