The Spoonbill Generator

Rude Feminism

Carol took my G.I. Joe and hitted him with a stick [Kansas Sam]

Then she took my Lego set and chewded every brick [Padfoot]

I never even sitted on her stupid talking dolly [Grayman]

I's gonna teach that stupid-head, I's widdled on her lolly [Beefy ]

Here she comes! Now watch her, Joe - watch her take a lick! [Kansas Sam]

She's a liddle poopie-pants. She weally makes me sick! [F]

She thinks she's so gweat cuz she got a Barbie brolly [Karin]

I t'ink I'll towment her with a BB gun volley [F]

We betta put ower hehwmits on, Joe. You can take firs' pick. [K8]

I think she's gotted plenty mad, we better do it quick [Grayman]

She got dat mean look in her eye, jus' like a mean ol' snake [Beefy ]

So you begin tha countdown, Joe; I'll lawnch tha Spit Milkshake! [K8]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, Padfoot, Grayman, Beefy, F, Karin, K8.
Poem finished: 8th December 2003 by Anon..